Find your pace, make fewer mistakes, build your knowledge.

Easy to Access, Effective Coaching

Understanding the Driver61 Sim Racing Academy

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great cost-effective option to start your training. Get coached, practice, then receive more feedback.

Structured Progress

Join Our Academy and get free access to our Accreditation Program. Progress from Bronze to a Platinum Driver by learning and demonstrating pace and core knowledge.

One-on-One Training

With coaches that specialize in all cars both in games and the real world, we can certainly help you with our focused one-on-one sessions.

Racecraft Classes

Join up to 20 students to practice the art of attacking, defending, starts and for fun races in our Racecraft Class.

iRacing, ACC, + More

Available in iRacing, ACC and, as necessary, for other Sims as well.

Credit Rollover

Never lose your credits. They automatically rollover to the next month.


Available in all Global Time Zones. Europe, Asia, NA, etc.

Many Training Options

Group Training, One-on-One, Racecraft Classes, Certifications, and more.

Special Offer for New Sim Racers

Professional Assessment & Training Session

Ideal for first-time sim racers to see the value of instruction.
  • 40-minute training assessment with one of our expert instructors.
  • Live on-track training and coaching.
  • Review goal and training roadmap and review our training programs.
  • A great way to get started with training and see the value of instruction.

$29.97 (One time fee only. No subscription required.)

How to Get Started

It's simple to start your journey!


1. Choose a Training Package

Select a subscription package that meets your training objectives and needs. Your only decision is how many credits you need per month.


2. Receive Your Credits

After you sign up, you'll receive credits every month. Review the class schedule and the credits required to plan your month.


3. Book Classes

Simply log into the Sim Racing Academy website to see a list of available classes and book the class that works for you.

Our Partners & Clients

Previously worked closely with drivers from:

Next Level Racing

Driver61 Accreditation Program

Gain Knowledge, Speed and Confidence

When part of the Academy, you can work through the Driver61 Accreditation System to drive your racing further and reach the highest levels of Sim Racing.

You can even work through to become a Driver61 Instructor! Accreditations include target consistent paces, knowledge tests, and more.


Choose your specialization in either Mechanical Grip or Open Wheel Downforce Cars. Learn to consistently beat Bronze Level Lap times, review and provide basic feedback on drivers, and pass a fundamentals test to receive your Bronze Certification.


Continue your specialization and come to grips with consistently achieving faster lap times. Start to understand setups and be able to articulate the core fundamentals of driving technique. Provide more detailed feedback on example laps and pass a silver level test.


Reach an almost Alien level in your specialization. At the Gold Certification, you deeply understand the details of motorsport, racecraft and setups. You are within tenths of top lap times and can race with the best. Telemetry analysis is natural and valuable to you for every race.


Choose to pursue Platinum level driving or becoming an Instructor (or both!). Platinum level drivers can set the pace in their specialization, drive in top tier teams and enjoy the highest levels of sim racing.


Choose to pursue Platinum level driving or become an Instructor (or both!). Instructor training and certifications focus on ensuring you have ultimate pace & explain driving technique within the Driver61 framework.

Is Your Sim Missing?

If your Sim of choice is missing, let know via the survey below. We do have training options for other Sims and also simply knowing what drivers want will help us add the right classes in the future.