iRacing – Weekly VRS GT Sprint Series (3:1 Training)

iRacing – Weekly VRS GT Sprint Series (3:1 Training)

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Designed to help drivers prepare for the Weekly VRS GT Sprint Series, this Weekly Training includes track tips, strategies, setup recommendations, and focused techniques to practice in addition to a live 3:1 training session.

  • Focused on the Sprint Series Track of the Week
  • Pre Weekend track guide, practice recommendations, setup recommendations, strategy notes, a video hot lap, etc.
  • Live 3:1 training with an Instructor including pace coaching, strategy, and setup reviews.
  • A hosted community practice session (open to all drivers regardless of payment)
  • Drivers can bring their series car of choice to the track.

How to Purchase:

  • Maximum of 6 drivers; two 3:1 sessions are hosted in a row.
  • We close the purchase for a week on the Friday of the previous week. So, if next week is Laguna Seca, we close purchasing on the preceding Friday and host the training sessions that weekend.

Instructors & Timing

  • Practice Session Opens at 2pm GMT/BST
  • Sundays @ 17:00pm & 19:30pm GMT/BST - Balage