iRacing – Race Engineer – Live

iRacing – Race Engineer – Live

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The Live Race Engineer service is designed to assist you during a race by providing you with a personal spotter, coach, and strategy assistant. It's a great way to learn how the professionals think while freeing up your mental capacity to focus on driving.

How to Purchase:

  • Please contact before purchasing this service. We'll determine the correct quantity to purchase and ensure an instructor is available to help with your race.


  • Sessions are purchased in 20-minute increments
  • We run your strategy live and tell you when to pit, push, etc.
  • Live spotting
  • We provide basic coaching as well. We won't break your concentration, just help you focus on what will have an impact!
  • Any car, track, race combination

Recommended Use Cases

  • Your first race in a new series
  • A league race that you want to focus on and have support for
  • Your team wants a live engineer for a portion of an endurance race.