F1 – Large Group Training (5 Students) – 50 Credits

F1 – Large Group Training (5 Students) – 50 Credits

50 Credits

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Join 4 other students for a Group Training Session. Features of this session include:

  • Bring any modern F1 car that you want to practice with into the session.
  • Choose any track you want to practice on. You can practice on a track for a league race or the track this season.
  • A Driver61 instructor will be present to coach the group.
  • If you are in the MasterClass,  choose to follow along with your program or take another car on track.


Below are the instructors that will be teaching each session:

  • Sundays @ 11:00am GMT/BST - Isaac Gillisen
  • Sundays @ 10:00pm GMT/BST - Isaac Gillisen