On-Demand Coaching

Drop in on a coach for on-the-spot help. Just 75 credits for 15 minutes.

On-The-Spot Availability

If you’re like most drivers, you squeeze in a few laps when you can. When you need a coach ‘now’ but you haven’t booked one, use on-demand coaching.

Last-Minute Race Prep

When you’re panicking before a big race and need last-minute help, just pop-in on one of our on-demand coaches for timely assistance.

Post-Race Debrief & Analysis

Following a difficult race, when every mistake is still fresh in your head, grab one of our on-demand coaches on Discord for expert debriefing.

Quick-Fix Help

A full 30 or 60 minutes of coaching isn’t always needed. On-demand coaching is available in 15-minute increments and perfect for quick-fix help.

No Scheduling, No Cancellations

Just show up during on demand hours. No need to schedule ahead. Unlike a booked session, you can’t be late and you don’t ever have to reschedule or cancel!

Telemetry Analysis

Whether you’re still finding the initial pace or the last tenth, we can help you analyse your telemetry and pick out the key areas for you to focus on.


How much does on-demand coaching cost?

Like other Sim Racing Academy services, on-demand coaching uses the credit system. Coaching is available in 15-minute intervals for 75 credits.

When is on-demand coaching available?

On-demand coaching is available on Mondays and Thursdays from 2pm-10pm EST (7pm-3am GMT).

How do I get/book/find a coach?

Live coaches are available on Discord during on-demand hours. Just look for the On-Demand Coaching channel and drop in. Following your session, your coach will debit your account with the appropriate number of credits.

Which cars, tracks, and sims are available?

Any car, any track, any sim! Simply decide on a car and track combination in the sim of your choice and jump in. We can even help you decide what to drive based on your learning objectives.