How to Get Started

It's simple to start your journey!


1. Sign Up for a Trial

Speak with our coaches to understand your goals and objectives. Try our live coaching classes and programs, and learn whether our academy is a fit for you.


2. Choose a Subscription

Select a subscription that meets your training objectives and needs. Our coaches will help you choose the right package.


3. Receive Your Credits

After you sign up you'll receive credits every month. Review the class schedule and cost of the classes to plan your month out!


4. Book Classes

Simply log into the Academy to see all of the classes available and book the class that works for you.

iRacing, ACC, + More

Available in iRacing, ACC and, as necessary, for other Sims as well.

Credit Rollover

Never lose your credits. They automatically rollover to the next month.


Available in all Global Time Zones. Europe, Asia, NA, etc.

Many Training Options

Group Training, One-on-One, Racecraft Classes, Certifications, and more.

Special Offer - First Time Students

Professional Assessment & Training Package


  • Initial 25 Minute Professional Trainng Assessment, Goal & Training Roadmap, and a Review of Our Training Programs
  • A Trial Live on Track Training & Coaching Session
  • A Trial Racecraft Class session with other Students

$29.97 (One time fee only. No subscription required )

Our Partners & Clients

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