How to Book and Attend a Training Session

Note this article assumes you have purchased a trial or full subscription to SRA.

Step 1 – Book Your Session

Go to Members Area and Book Your Session.

Step 2 – Arrive on Discord

At the scheduled time, arrive on Discord and join the Channel with the same name as your session.

Step 3 – Share Your Screen

If you are on PC, start sharing your Screen. If you are on PS4 or XBOX, provide your instructor with your stream link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Discord Link?

When you joined the Academy, a Discord link was included on the purchase page. If you missed it, write us at

How to do Share My Screen?

Articles on how to share your screen and more are available in our Help Centre.

My Mic or Speakers are not Working

Articles on how to resolve mic and speaker issues are available in our Help Centre.

I Missed My Session

If you missed a session, write us at and, most of the time, we’ll refund your credits.

I Have More Questions

If you have any more questions, feel free to write us anytime at